Our Music

Written by Laura, the songs illuminate the emotional
struggles and endless joys of love and commitment.  In
the same vein as Neil Young or Lucinda Williams, doubt
and hardship find a voice.  Redemption sounds in the
crunchy guitar.  The bass lines moan a little, and the
melodies just linger...

The upcoming album  is set for an online release.   It's
an intimate and provocative portrayal of loss and
understanding.  It features  the upbeat What Went
Wrong?, Tsunami, Satisfy Me and Tenderness Tonite.

For those of you who have heard, or even own, any of
Hooper's previously recorded basement material, you
will be shocked and enthused by the full band sound.
Or you'll miss the bare bones, but will hear how these
songs can soar with an excellent drummer.

The plan is to play these songs live as much as
possible, and to move on to the next recording
... so blue

Ten songs with the addition of Kansas City's David (Wavo) Bernard on bass,
and Craig Haning on drums.
Thank You

Back in 2000, Hooper threw an eight song EP together for family , friends and
fans.  It's highlights include the cut Let Me Be the One (played during an
interview on Loyola's 88.7 FM) , and a sweet acoustic version of the Jayhawk's
tune, Ain't No End.